Zine Fests and Etsy Shop


Anybody there? I am still here doing my thing, tuning into the cosmic freak-when-see of the universe and trying not to get completely swept away. Kinda hard to do during these energetically intense times, but the good news is I’m almost finished with “Re-Minders” issue #6. I meant to have it completely printed by summer solstice, but Independence Day seems like good timing and I like the metaphor.

On July 18-19, I will be showing and selling my zines and dream boxes at the Portland Zine Symposium! I’m very excited to be there at this fantastic place for the zine die-hards and appreciators. I think the last time I tabled there was in 2008 and I can hardly wait to reconnect with that community. Plus, it’s PORTLAND!

If you won’t be in Portland and aren’t a regular at my home/studio in San Francisco, but want to see details of my zines, check out my Etsy shop

Also, save the date for the San Francisco Zine Fest, which will be held ONE DAY ONLY this year on Sunday, September 6 at the San Francisco County Fair Building.

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