The Mind Remix Project

Inspired by the images from the educational book “The Mind,” published by Time Life in 1964, I took images out of this book and created little collage kits,  and invited others to collaborate, and show what they made online.

Here’s the experiment: each artist gets a kit of 5-10 images from the book, a few pages of text, a page of textured art paper and a 5×7 mat board canvas to create a collage. The artist can add more ink, original drawing or other found images to their piece and once they’ve completed the collage, e-mail the final image to me to post here online. There have been 20 total kits created which were sold at my table at San Francisco Zine Fest on Sept 4-5, 2010. Each finished collage will be posted along with the artist’s name and link to their site once I receive it via e-mail.

Below is the first image that I remixed from The Mind book. There are some crazy and inspiring images from this book, as you can see here.

Below is the 2nd piece (and in order!) from Andrew Goldfarb who creates the comic “Ogner Stump’s 1,000 Sorrows” and paints monsters and ghouls on black velvet.

Below  is the third collage (from kit 06/20) from the Mind Remix to come in from
New York by Bonus, one of the Cubby Creatures’ affiliates.

This great piece below comes from Jamie Freedman.
Check out her music blog: Always More To Hear.

This beautiful collage (below) came in from Elisabeth Rene Wakcher.

This amazing collage (below) from The Mind Remix project just came in from Serena Bartlett who has a great site called that has great information about sustainable travel. Check it out!

This fine collage comes in from Brian Weaver, of the Cubby Creatures brilliance.
I am enjoying these submissions and hope you are too!

This stimulating piece (below) came in from Dr. Josh Barone.
Check out his other work here.

It’s been a few months since I’ve received any new collages from others.
I had a few kits left and mixed this one up, January 5, 2011.