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Re-Minders (now publishing monthly)
Channeled writing, collage, and drawings from the collective consciousness on themes of human evolution, self-healing and self-care. Meditative images and words to activate your deeper self.

Re-minders Issue No. 11 // 5.5 x 8.5″ // 16-pages black ink on teal paper // March 2017

Re-minders Issue No. 10 // 5.5 x 8.5″ // 20-pages black ink on grey paper // March 2017


Typecritters (2005-2009)
These are sample spreads from my 28-page booklets featuring a different font per book. Each page showcases one letter of the alphabet (plus an exclamation and question mark) arranged in ways that create wonderful patterns or typographical eye-candy. Printed black ink. Black cover with wrap-around label. I’m not currently printing these, but I have a few left. Contact me if you’d like to purchase one.

Servings (2003-2006)
I created series of 3 zines called “Servings,” which are on the topic of body image, food, and American pop culture in relation to the female body. Out of print.